Raimond Gaita in conversation with Peter Singer

Raimond Gaita in conversation with Peter Singer

Raimond Gaita 
& Peter Singer discuss
Humans, Animals 
and the Ethical Life
6:30–8pm Thursday 26 March 2015

Bookings: www.trybooking.com/123578
Where: School of Design, Theatre B 177, University of Melbourne, Parkville
Admission: $30
Tickets: Tickets available at door but bookings strongly advised
Enquiries: Sue – 0419 750 485

All proceeds go towards stopping the gigantic chicken factory 
planned for Baringhup, landscape of Romulus, My Father — 
8 million chickens, 22 chickens per sq. metre, lives and landscape ruined.

The speakers will be signing copies of their books after the event, including Peter Singer’s just released The Most Good You Can Do, which will be available for purchase.

Feel free to pass around — download a PDF flier:  Gaita-Singer-2015_flier


Invasion of the giant chicken factory

Invasion of the giant chicken factory


Dear friends,

This website is to provide links and information about our fight to prevent the building of the extremely large chicken factory planned for Baringhup (on the Moolort Plains) in central Victoria. This is where my memoir Romulus, My Father was set, and where the film was shot.

You will find some backgound information on this site Say No to Morlort Chook set up earlier.

We will be setting up conversations to discuss the ethics of our relations with animal life, teh proceeds of which will go fully to this fight.

The first conversation will be with the world-renowned philosopher Peter Singer, on Thursday March  26, 2015 at Melbourne University. Please see the next post.